Aug 12 2011

Safe Seat Placement and Decor-Before and After Pictures

So, it is the beginning of the new school year, and I have my first few lessons ready to go, but you already know what comes before curriculum…discipline. (Here is my post on that subject.)

I have several posts on using safe seats in my classroom and the wonder it works on most kids, but I’ve never showed you what a safe seat looks like. Below is a before and after of what my safe seat–safe area–looks like.

The safe area before school

After decorating and warming up the space

Remember: a safe seat is a place away from the rest of the class...a place with no interaction with the class. My seat is in a corner with a partial brick wall to block the view of that side of the class and faces another brick wall. While in the safe seat, students fill out a think sheet and reflect about their decisions while in my class. This redirection usually takes care of about 90% of my discipline issues in class.

I think the space is warmer, nicer, and doesn’t feel like a “time out’ seat now. I know that students in my seat feel more comfortable and more able to move past their problem and back into class…they can get back to learning. My students can use this area to “restart” (thanks, Laura!) and don’t view the area as a punishment…it’s just a break.

I hope the images help you make some decisions about the safe area in your classroom. Ready or not, we have to be prepared for students who aren’t always okay in class and who need a place to go cool off. I’m just trying to make mine a little nicer=)

Happy Teaching!

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