12 Totally Readable Titles for Your Middle School Class Library–Reluctant Readers Beware!

It is nearing the end of the 2010-2011 school year (how can that be???) and I have my list for the best read, most asked for, and favorite books from my class library. (P.S. Here’s a post on letting students pick their own books). All 12 of these titles are young adult fiction, and all of my copies of these books are coming apart at the seams..literally! The list includes books aimed for both guys and girls. This list is (most importantly) not up to me–all of these books were checked out most of the year because my students LOVE them…some would definitely not make my top 12 list!

I have put them in reverse order and have linked the titles to a summary of the book…so, drum roll please:42-16022523

  • #12- Pop by Gordon Korman- A fictional book aimed at sports-playing boys. My reluctant readers even like it! It is an easy go-to for middle school and upper elementary boys.
  • #11- Boost by Kathy Mackel- My athletic girls love this book…they in turn share it with my basketball boys. I like the fact that it is told from the perspective of a female athlete.
  • #10- Life on the Refrigerator Door by Alice Kuipers- This book is another that never stayed on my shelf…it is aimed at girls and is a super-quick read with a sad punch at the end. Most of my girls gobble it up in a day or two. ** Bonus! Here is a lesson plan I made using this book as a model for writing**
  • #9- Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson- A darker story that tends to be popular with the boys…it is definitely a higher level read and deals with mature themes. I enjoyed it as well.
  • #8- Gym Candy by Carl Dueker- My boys ate this sports theme book up and then passed it on to my “sporty” girls who kept it out of circulation for weeks!
  • #7- Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson- This is historical fiction that will not bore your kiddos…even good for adult readers. This is the same author that wrote “Twisted”. For some reason, my boys like it more than my girls even though it is told from a female character’s perspective. Social Studies teachers love me for this one!
  • #6- Million Dollar Throw by Mike Lupica- another great novel for reluctant boy readers who love sports…an easy one to keep in the library–if you can actually keep it on the shelf.
  • #5- The Compound by S.A. Bodeen- A thriller for guys and girls…watch their faces! You’ll know when they get to the part about the “milk”…HA!
  • #4- Chasing Brooklyn by Lisa Schroeder- Another verse-written book that your girls will fight over. There are a few other verse books written by this same author that all deliver for your girls.
  • #3- Unwind by Neil Shusterman- Wow! A great thriller that keeps you until the very end…boys and girls love it. So great to see the kids find out what “unwind” means–they come running to my desk to tell me, and every time I act like I had no idea=)
  • #2- Because I am Furniture by Thalia Chatas- This book appeals to girls who love verse…very, very popular. My copy is literally in shreds; held together with tape at this point.
  • #1- The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins- a science fiction thriller that both my guys and girls love…once they read the first, they reserve the next! This one has not made it to my shelf all year…it just gets passed around.

Good luck keeping these titles on your shelves…they are perfect for your middle school kiddos that complain that they can never find a “good” book.

Happy teaching!

4 thoughts on “12 Totally Readable Titles for Your Middle School Class Library–Reluctant Readers Beware!

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  2. My boys LOVE Pop. Actually, they love most of Gordon Korman’s work. Unwind, Chains, Hunger Games are some of the others that have been huge hits in my classroom too. Thanks for a great list.

  3. I know!!! My kiddos love those book too…I even like “Unwind”. Thanks for reading=)

  4. I can’t believe I have only heard of 2 of your selections: Chains and Hunger Games. I’ll be checking out these titles to add to my collection.

    My own kids’ Top 12 would include all Brian Jacques (9-16), Tolkein (12-up), C. S. Lewis (9-up), Tom Clancy (13-up)….

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