Using Picnik in the Classroom

Okay, I know, Picnik is sooooo Facebook and why in the world would we want to use it in the class–much less TEACH the kids how to use it in class? Simple…your students will W-R-I-T-E on images and you won’t have to beg or plead to get the writing out of them. In fact, my summer school students came in the day after we completed out picnik projects, and asked to “please make another”. WTH! Kids asking to write? Will wonders never cease?

Picnik is free software available online that I use in class to engage my students in writing. The software is FREE, so easy to use, and is super-simple to save and print. The only thing to remember is to have your students check the copyright info on all images…it couldn’t be easier!

So, here is the lowdown on effective, engaging, and energizing writing ideas to use in your classroom (sounds like the the 3 R’s, huh?=):

  • Create 6 word memoirs–Here is a lesson plan and examples
  • Define Mood in a picture with the text and edit features
  • Find a picture online and create dialog for the characters with the text feature
  • Create resumes–edit pictures of students to place on the resume
  • Create a picture depicting your academic vocabulary

An example of editing (awwww…my sweet husband=):

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  2. Did you have your students access your individual picnic account or were you able to set up educator’s accounts. The Picnik site is very unclear on educator use, I read no one under 13 can use which doesn’t quite make sense. Can you clarify this for me?
    Thank you.

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