Preschoolers and Urban Farming

IMG_4603 IMG_4547 IMG_4545 IMG_4741 IMG_4448 IMG_4447This is a short post about the new things I am trying out in my preschool. Since I last wrote, I moved my preschool to my home. At first, this was a purely economical move as the price of heating and cooling my rented space was astronomical. It ended up being a blessing though as I am able to now incorporate hands-on learning that I couldn’t before.


My step-son is in FFA and needed a “farm” type of project, which posed a small problem-we live in town (a VERY small town, but still in town). My husband decided that chickens were completely doable and so he and my SS built a coop, and a house (here is the link to a video a local news station ran on our project:). With this small project, we started to think that we could do even more, like growing vegetables, and this is where the school idea crept into my mind; wouldn’t it be great if my kiddos could learn all about reading, writing, math, and self-sustenance? Wouldn’t they gain experiences that might make their learning “stick”?


So far, it has been a hit with my kiddos. I am only teaching two sessions-two hour blocks-of a summer academy right now, but my kiddos LOVE the mini-farm they help me with. They beg to feed the chickens each morning and collect the eggs. They run out to the squash plants (planted in a recycled tire) to check the blossoms. They know that the blooms on the tomatoes with turn into fruit. They are so excited to see the tendrils on the cucumber plants growing longer each day and reaching up the trellis.


Moving to my home and letting my students work with me has been a HUGE part of our summer together-I know they are learning as they ask to read about growing pumpkins and growing orchards of apples. The only problem? The kiddos are convinced that I’m going to buy them a mild cow:)


Enjoy the pictures…Happy Teaching!


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